When you are a mother….

My daughter has been ill for the past week.

I can honestly say that my children have not been ill for a long time and now that she is ill,  it feels like she is making up for all the time she has been well.

For a whole week, I have been sleeping in her bed, getting kicked by her little legs but nevertheless, strong kicks.

Sleepless nights over sleepless nights as I check her every now and then and making sure she sips some water.

I am so tired. It reminds me of when they were small. I harldy had any full nights’ sleep, No wonder I was forever tired at that time.

Sleepless nights full of worries.  I guess I will never stop worrying.

Last week, I made her some of her favourite food as I want her to eat.

As I am writing this, I am getting ready for bed, hoping she gets well soon.