This is the best beach in the South, and maybe even in the whole of England.

On a hot sunny day, I decided to drive to Sandbanks in Dorset, about 135 miles away. Yes you read that right, a never ending 135 miles it was that day.

I let the heat get to my head, like everyone else. It was a week of heatwave, summer turned into heatwave. Instead of being called Summer, it is called Heatwave as our summer consists mostly of clouds, wind, rain and definitely a temperature far from the heatwave.

A journey that usually takes about 2 hours ended taking more than 4 hours. So why Sandbanks. Simply because it is a golden sandy beach with clear water.  A few weeks ago, I visited a nearby sand and shingle beach and I really wanted to go to my favourite beach which is worth the drive once you are there.


I got there around 3pm, with two children, who surprisingly kept calm most of the journey, maybe because I bought them children’s magazines on the way.

Halfway to the beach, I stopped at Winchester Service Station, a place I always stop whenever I travel to Sandbanks.

I usually go to Sandbanks in August and it is busy without being packed. Going in June, was a different story. It was packed to the brim. Cars had been parked along the pavement on both sides, something that does not happen in August. Luckily some people were leaving at 3pm, maybe after having been there since morning. Were we the only ones getting there at 3pm? No, there were a continous flow of cars coming into the carpark.

A few of the facilities it offers are

-a promenade with cafes and shops.

-toilets and showering facilities

-Water sports

I was happy that the children thought that it was well worth the drive. They played in the water and the sand for hours until at 7pm, we decided that it was time to leave. We had planned a 3 hour journey back and unfortunately, the traffic was as bad as earlier. Roads were closed due to incidents and accidents. I witnessed a lot of silly drivers, maybe a few too many beers at the beach!

We got home after midnight. Will I go again. Yes of course! Never on a school night though.

I do love some fish and chips on the beach

Very pricey fish and chips.







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