Beach Quest 1

We decided to go check out this beach, as it is about 1 hour away from our house.  Now to go to a beach which is only 1 hour away is a good thing. We are always on the quest to find a nice sandy beach near us. So far the best one we have found is over 3 hours away, in the South of England.

Shoeburyness Beachs, also known as Shoebury Common is a sand and shingle beach near Southend, South East Essex.

It was packed with locals when we went.  Southend is always busy in Summer, and it is worth going a few minutes away to Shoebury Common Beach. It has a BBQ area, activities including jet sking, kite and wind surfing.




Beach hut

I have always seen beach huts in magazines, photos, postcards and I liked the look of them.

Imagine my happiness when I saw rows and rows of them at Shoebury Common and at Southend. They all have their own uniqueness, with a special touch from their owners.


How lovely do they look? I could photograph them all day, one by one, as I am crazy about taking photos.

Once we left the beach, we drove along the Southend beach/Promenade on the way home. That is another trip for another day, as it was quite late and the british weather stayed true to its nature. It has started pouring down.






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