I mistook a woman to be my neighbour for a whole year!

The most hilarious thing happened to me recently.

I moved to a new town last year, and obviously to a new house.

Opposite me, is an old couple who has a dog. I have met the man once, and I have only seen the woman while driving off, so I have never spoken to her face to face.

For 1 year, I have seen her walking her dog on the main road, everyday. And I am always in my car, always waving at her.

So a Sunday morning, I decide to go for a walk and surprise surprise I meet the woman walking her dog.

Finally I get to meet her in person, so I stop and say hello, and we both are in full conversation when she asked which number house I lived at. I do look like one of her neighbours but she is not sure. I was so confused as surely she knows which number I am, I am right opposite her.

Most bizarre thing happened. We do not even live on the same road, let alone being neighbours. For one whole year, I have been waving at her, thinking she is my opposite neighbour.

And she did mention that people wave at her and she always wave back although she is sometimes not too sure who they are.

Well, in my defense, both women have the same dog, are similar age and have the same haircut and even dress the same!

So now I want to go and knock at my neighbour’s house to finally meet her. Maybe she does not even look like this woman I met.

This shows what kind of life we live, doesn’t it. The neighbours have all been very welcoming, the problem is just that we do not see each other often enough to get to know each other. We remain strangers, only waving at each other for a whole lifetime.


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