Algarve, Portugal

I have decided that when I retire one day, I will go and live in Algarve, Portugal. Dream on. We all make plans like this and when the time comes, we chicken out and do not go ahead with the plan.

Anyway, this shows how much I loved Portugal, and retiring there would mean I can still meet my children quite often. I will be only a few hours away, assuming they live somewhere in Europe or nearby.

I truly believe in ” Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”  This story of how I ended up in Algarve will be the proof of that quote.

I researched for a few days for my perfect holiday and I booked it in January, to travel in August. I chose this family hotel, which was not too big, or too small. The beach was a long stretch of fine white sand ( hence my perfect getaway )

Albufeira, Here I come.

However, one or two weeks before the trip, I got told that the hotel was overbooked and if I agreed to it, another hotel about 30-45 minutes away was being offered to me.

I was so disappointed as this hotel was very big and the nearby beaches was only 2 small stretches of sand, and to my horror, no fine white sand.

I did not have time to research another hotel and after reading the good reviews about this one, I agreed to the offer as I had already paid in full for the holiday.

Out of my comfort zone.  I was going somewhere I had not researched, have not heard of and did not even want to go there. After a week there, I can now say that it was one of the best holidays we have had, fine sand or no fine sand.

Be Live Family Palmeiras Village, Porches


It was very big, but with 3 pools, and spacious grounds, it did not feel that big. I think lots of people left the hotel to go to Aqualand, as I never even saw anyone in the corridor, when it was breakfast/dinner time.

The reception area ( where the free Wi-Fi is ) is again spacious and the receptionists speak a lot of languages ( although English language was not their forte ) Thankfully I speak French and through out my holiday, everything was in French. They were actually in German, French and Portuguese so at least I understood one of the languages.

The Reception

The hotel itself was clean and immaculate. The rooms could not be faulted either, they were big enough for 4 of us to not bump into each other. The bonus was the balcony. The evenings we spent on there, chilling and enjoying the moment was priceless. That is the thing, it seems impossible to chill at home as there is always something to do. That is why I love a change of scenery, no cooking to be done, no ironing, no grocery shopping….

The hotel at night and an idea of how big it is…

View from my room



Daily Activity Timetable

Praia da Marinha

The nearest beach was a mere 5 minutes walk away.


Capella da Nossa Senhora da Nocha

Last but not least – The Food – I was in Food Heaven

One of the best reason to be on holiday is the food. The varities of food selection and that too, without having to life a finger to prepare it.

I must say, I enjoyed the food. There was a lot of fresh fried fish, a variety of salad and rice dishes.  And of course, the unlimited drinks. I kept myself hydrated in between lots of pina colada.

More food

Even more food

Yes, you guessed right, more food




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