I have been to London countless of times and have always walked from place to place, or sometimes using the bus or the tube.

My friend came to visit before she got married a few months later.  After her solo trip in Amsterdam, France, Belgium and Italy, she wanted me to accompany her on her visit to London. She had her route mapped and has done all her research prior to her travels.  And she was adamant in using a hop on hop off London bus tour. Personally, having walked around London so many times before, I found the ticket a bit steep. Being in January, right in the middle of Winter, the bus tour company had deals on and we paid for the bus tour and received a complimentary hop on hop off River Thames Sightseeing Cruise. The bonus was that the tickets were valid for two days.

I loved the guide bus, maybe because it was cold and it was so good not having to walk round the city. From the top deck, I also got a different view of London which I never saw before.

I like all the architectural details on buildings and I got the chance to see them from a higher ground.

I would highly recommend taking the hop on hop off tour bus. It was confusing at first, to know which company we had bought the tickets from and to only look for its bus and which stop we had to wait at. But once we got on and off a few times, we had worked it out.

We got in the bus in the late afternoon and half way during our ride, it got dark.  It was very nice to see London at night as well as during daylight.

The commentary, available in various languages was so informative and I learnt one thing or two about London’s history, buildings and statues.

Some of the photos I took from the top deck of the bus


Hahn/Cock is a sculpture of a giant blue cockerel by the German artist Katharina Fritsch.  It is found in Trafalgar Square.



London Newspapers




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