The 1st Christmas I hosted at my place

Last Sunday, I hosted my first Xmas meal, cooking for more than 10 people. It went very well, too good to be true except for the end when some people had too much to drink and ruined the whole day.

I have banished the bad part as we are more than likely never going to have xmas meal together again. Therefore I will write only about the day, emitting the last part.

I did not panic at all, until a few hours before the guests were going to turn up. All of a sudden I was not sure if I had enough meat, or if they would be cooked well.

All week, I was excited. I did a last minute shopping on Monday, where I bought all the meat, drinks and vegetables.

During the week, I topped up on christmas crackers, more snacks, some presents and writing cards to neighbours, colleagues and a few friends. Oops, I just remembered just now how I forgot to send a card to one of my closest friend.


After a glass of red wine, which calmed my nerves, I managed to have fun preparing all the vegetables and getting everything ready. My DD set the table, which was a great help as I needed all the help.

The roast lamb and roast chicken ( we do not like turkey ) were ready on time. However, the guests were late and the lamb got a bit crusty and hard whilst in the oven and the chicken was a bit dry.


The vegetables were all perfect. Now when I look back, I cannot believe it was all a success. I consider myself to be not a good cook, but I managed this, of course, with the help of my DH who cut the carrots and helped in checking the meat.

The selection of cheese that I buy once a year. I love a cheese platter. I have introduced this tradition to the family and I have kept it going every year.


Every year, we make gingerbread houses.



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