Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest

A weekend at Center Parcs

A few years ago, as soon as you mentioned Center Parcs, I would have dismissed you and would not want to know anything about Center Parcs.

Then my friend and her family went to the one in Elveden and came to visit me on their way back. She told me all about it, and showed me photos and I still was not too convinced about it.

You see, I am a sun person. I worship the sun as I always feel cold. What am I doing here, in England? That is another story,to be told another time.

So my friend leaves, happy after her little break. At that time, I needed a break too, and in the middle of October and with small children, I decided to take a look at the Center Parcs website, to check it out.

Five years later, here I am, having indeed done a few trips to different locations of Center Parcs in the UK, while my above mentioned friend, has already ventured to Center Parcs Europe.



Camping is not my cup of tea at all. Center Parcs is like camping in the forest, but in proper accomodation, where our basic needs are met with comfort ( kitchen, beds and bathrooms )

We cycle from our accomodation to and from the village centre which comprises of the main activities,  shops, restaurants, entertainment.  There is no car on the road – that is the best part. Although the last time I went, we all got a bit stressed over pedestrians. If Center Parcs develop cycle routes and pedestrain routes, I am going there for the rest of my life.

My children and I love cycling, but we do not get a chance to do it at home, as we have to drive everywhere, and we are not confident to ride on the roads. Ironic, isn’t it, as I live practically in the woods, and yet I go to Center parcs, which comprises of mainly forest.

As I mentioned, we get to ride bicycles for a few days, and forget the sounds and feel of cars.

Also for me, it is all about a change of scenery. We often get stuck in our daily routines, chores, and hectic life in general. We even had time to play board games there.



This time round, I did not book any activities because I did not want to be bound by time. We did what we wanted, when we wanted, without having to look at the time. This worked perfectly well. We went swimming shortly after breakfast, in the wave pool subtropical swimming paradise and easily spent 2 to 3 hours there.

My son and I braved the Wild Water Rapids, and that was an experience. I am so glad I did it. Would I do it again, maybe not, but I am glad I experienced it.

We had lunch at Cafe Rouge, after a good few hours of swimming. Hungry much.


The next day, we went cycling and then booked 30 minutes of pedalo, as it was not raining. We played in the children’s parks for the rest of the day.  The children were very happy. Usually, we are always in a rush to get from A to B, and if they are in a park, I will keep looking at the time. While there, I let them play as much as they wanted, and we tried all the parks.


One of the exciting things that happen there, are the animals that come for food in the morning, right up to the back door of the lodge.

They range from squirrels, ducks and all kinds of birds. A bit of wildlife at the doorstep.


Time goes by fast when you are having fun.

Before we knew it, it was time to pack for the long trip home. The weekend was over. The smile on the children’s faces and a little break for the whole family was what we aimed for.

Until next trip.




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